Lala Kent Stuns Fans With Raunchy Birthday Photos

Lala Kent has many fans from the Vanderpump Rules show. After all, she’s very beautiful, they agree. She’s also the mom of little Ocean. Additionally, she seems completely in love with Randall Emmett. Of course, Bravo fans know that she also sees a lot of Randall’s kids from a previous marriage. So, some fans seemed a bit shocked when she shared some raunchy photos on her birthday this week.

Lala Kent Spoke About Being A Mom On her Birthday

The Vanderpump Rules star let her many Bravo fans know about her birthday through a number of posts. These days, she shares quite a lot of photos of her daughter Ocean. Actually, fans agree the little kid’s a pretty little thing. So, they appreciate that she shares her journey through motherhood with them. Recall, she and Randall welcomed their daughter in May this year. So, on her birthday, she talked about how it felt last year when she was pregnant. At the time, she experienced some issues with her 11-week-old pregnancy.

The Daily Mail reported on what Lala Kent said about that. As she started bleeding on her birthday, she felt some anxiety as you can imagine. She said on her Instagram. “I stayed in bed praying to God that the human my body was in the process of creating, was okay.” Of course, Bravo fans know that everything worked out fine for them. So she’s a much happier person this year. And clearly, she doesn’t intend to age a bit despite giving birth to her daughter.

Lala Kent Launches A New Palette

Apart from talking about her pregnancy a year ago, Lala also shared a post where she announced her new palette. She sells her makeup through her Give Them Lala site. So, in honor of her birthday, she shared the good news that she has a limited edition birthday palette available. In her caption, she wrote, “It’s my f👑cking birthday!!! I’m bringing in 31 with my Birthday Palette! It’s ready for you now.” Unfortunately, she didn’t share any photos of the palette in her post which upset a few fans. However, she revealed a nice photo of herself celebrating her birthday.

Lala Kent Stuns Fans With Rauchy Birthday Photos

Lala Kent also shared some photos in the scroll-through that some Vanderpump Rules fans took exception to. By now, you might think that nothing from Lala might shock people. However, she managed it with the two photos this time. Those people who liked the photos th0ught that she looked nowhere near 31 years old. In fact, some of them said that she looks more like 21. Anyway, those fans who felt a bit shocked had something to say about them.

Some Shocked Bravo Fans Comment On Raunchy Photos

Lala Kent shared photos that just about revealed everything. One fan commented, “Okay so naked pictures of yourself is WHAT? Your daughter will be proud?” Then another fan confessed, “So confused by all of this lol. But hope you have a great birthday.”

Despite the racy photos, most fans just loved that she can still be bad despite being a mom these days. In fact, some of them urged her to just keep in being who she is.

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