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I Love a Mama’s Boy Spoilers: Full Cast and Info

I Love a Mama’s Boy spoilers reveal that fans are very excited about seeing the new season of the TLC hit show. This show follows men and their mothers and a very close-knit relationship. There is one major problem though. Their partners in love do not agree with how close they are to their mothers. Some of these women even find themselves in quite the bizarre love triangle. The show has gained a lot of viewers and popularity and now, we are getting ready for a new season!

Season Two Cast

We will see a lot of familiar faces on the second season, but also some new mother-son duos. Some of our favorites that come back are Emily, Shekeb and Laila, Kim, Matt, Kelly, Stephanie, Mike, and Liz, and there will be a new pair of sons and mothers. The new cast will include Tia, Theous, and Carolyn, along with Tracy, Bryan, and Jayne.

Tia, Theous, and his mom, Carolyn are coming to the show for the first time. Theous does pretty much everything his mother tells him to do and this has brought a lot of emotions and tension to his relationship with Tia. Carolyn has very high expectations of him to call her back immediately and do everything for her. Tia has told Theous that he needs to set boundaries with his mother.

Another New Trio

Tracy, Bryan and his mother, Jayne have quite the dynamic relationship. Jayne is very overbearing and Tracy just can’t take it anymore! She has tried to overlook her clinginess, but when she started planning their wedding and honeymoon, that was enough! This is another mother and son relationship that could use some boundaries and we will see some explosions from Tracy.

I Love a Mama’s Boy Spoilers: Full Cast and Info

We are very excited to see these new trios, along with our favorites from last season. I Love a Mama’s Boy season two is well under way and you can catch it on TLC.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with I Love a Mama’s Boy right now. Come back here often for I Love a Mama’s Boy spoilers, news, and updates.

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