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Welcome to Plathville: Olivia and Moriah Have Safe Sex Talk, Discuss Miscarriage

The show Welcome to Plathville introduced the world to Barry and Kim Plath and there nine, count them, nine children, Ethan, Hosanna, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy, in November of 2019.

These kids have never watched TV, had a soda, and have no idea who Spiderman or Tom Brady are.

However, you can’t keep kids young forever and when they all began growing up, things became difficult for everyone involved.

The bulk of the kids live in rural Georgia with their staunchly conservative parents, but one has, thus far, managed to get away.

Moriah moved out and pursued a romantic relationship with one Max Kallschmidt.

Kim explained about an August 2021 episode of the show

Kim explained in an August 2021 episode of the show that “when it comes to relationships, if they’re living in our household, we’re gonna have some say in where they go and what they do.”

And even though Moriah sort of defied her parents by moving out to go her own way, her mother still insists that she, and her husband Barry, are happy for their daughter.

For both Micah and Moriah, moving out young has given them a different perspective of the world.

On the other hand, Ethan and Olivia do not feel the same.

According to Meaww, the two feel that marrying young prevented them from getting to know themselves and the world in the way that they should have.

That, along with their strict religious upbringing required that they learn about the world completely on their own.

Olivia has kept a close relationship with Micah and Moriah and Olivia met with Micah for an intimate conversation of a feminine nature.

They talked of sex and Olivia opened up about how losing your virginity is seen as a bad thing – that it meant you were no longer whole.

Many fans were shocked to learn these things and spoke out about it

Then Moriah let on that all this time she had been led to believe that something as simple as sleeping in the same couch with her boyfriend could get her pregnant.

Many fans were shocked to learn these things and spoke out about it

Many fans were shocked to learn these things and spoke out about it with one fan tweeting, “whelp, I guess this answers a LOT of questions the viewing audience had that we were probably keeping to ourselves.”

Still another fan chimed in with, “Moriah was really deprived of an education because she thought falling asleep could lead to pregnancy #WelcomeToPlathville”

The two discussed the subject of birth control with Moriah saying that she had found a good one, but Olivia said that the pills had messed up her hormones and that she had to get off them.

Olivia then discussed her miscarriage and how she was sort of relieved as she had not felt that she was ready to be a mother yet.

Fans applauded this honest and open conversation, saying, “Proud of Olivia for opening up about her miscarriage!! Moriah was the only person she felt secure about talking about it with!” and,” Olivia is really brave to put all this out there about the miscarriage and how she felt about it. That took guts.”

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