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Jeremy Roloff Works Hard At Reburbishing The Family Home

Jeremy Roloff Works Hard At Reburbishing The Family HomeJeremy Roloff and Audrey seem like very industrious and multi-talented people. In fact, they also encourage their kids to join in with their various projects. Now they expect a new baby this year, it looks like they prepare the home in advance of the arrival. Little People, Big World fans heard that they look for their own farm property, but perhaps they wait on that for now.

Jeremy Roloff, Audrey And The Kids Work On Projects

Little People, Big World fans know that Ember and Bode look like very cute little kids. Also, they admire the fact that they raise their children with good values. Both of them work on producing beautiful marriage journals and family-style memory books. Actually, back in January this year, Audrey talked about Creative Love, and they got the kids to verify that it was engaging for the kids as well as the adults in the family. She revealed them looking at the pictures. In her caption, she said, “Creative Love is picture friendly enough for Ember to want to ‘read’ it.

Jeremy Roloff also has other projects that he does. Fans know that he takes a lot of photographs. Additionally, he hoped to buy part of the farm from his dad, Matt. However, that fell through. It looks like Matt rather hopes that all the kids become a part of the business. They still talk about looking for their own land. But, perhaps they wait until their new baby gets a bit bigger. This week, Jeremy told his LPBW fans that he worked on the starts and flooring.

Jeremy Roloff Works With His Hand refurbishing The Family Home

Taking to his Instagram Stories this week, Jeremy shared some photos and clips of the ongoing work. He told his fans that he put in new runners. He’s been busy painting and caulking and cleaning up the stars. It looks nice in contrasting whites and wood. Well, LPBW fans know that Matt Roloff spent a lot of his life using his hands working on projects around Roloff farms. Clearly, some of those skills ended up with Zach and Jeremy as well. After all, they hung out at the annual pumpkin season festival with Matt for years. All of those projects probably fascinated them as young kids.

Jeremy Roloff Works Hard At Reburbishing The Family Home

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff seem so excited about their third child, no doubt he works on a nice nursery as well. Of course, if they find their own land, they might sell the home. That would possibly provide a downpayment on the land. That’s all speculation for now. However, Audrey is good at keeping her TLC fans informed about their lives. In time, she might tell them what they plan in the long term.

Will The Family Return To Little People, Big World

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey left the show but fans would love to see them return. It is possible that fans might see something of them and Jacob Roloff in the wedding special. Amy Roloff told her fans they will see it on TLC in a few months’ time.

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