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Jessa Seewald Shares A Fun Day Out With The Kids [Video]

Jessa Seewald Shares A Fun Day Out With The Kids [Video]Jessa Seewald and Ben now raise four kids. Spurgeon and Henry are the two boys. Plus, they welcomed cute little Ivy Jane. More recently, they welcomed their fourth child, Alyssa Morin. In the past, the family videos involved taking the kids hiking in the woods. Then, when Ivy was still quite small, she joined them and her dad carried her. Now that Jessa gets over the birth of Alyssa, they went on another outing. This time, they enjoyed a fun day at the county fair.

Jessa Seewald Shares A Lot About Her Cure Kids

One thing that Counting On fans don’t have to worry about, is that they won’t see the kids on social media. Recall, Jinger stopped sharing her two girls for privacy reasons. Although TLC canceled Counting On, many fans still follow the family. So, videos of Jessa’s kids are very welcome. Photos come in a steady stream, and every now and then. videos appear on their YouTube channel. Actually, as the children grow, they don’t lose any appeal and the cuteness keeps on coming.

Of course, for fans of Jessa Seewald and Ben, it feels like just yesterday, they had no daughters. The kids grow incredibly fast though. With little Ivy Jane and her baby sister in the family, they make for loads of heart-warming moments. Possibly, the Counting On alums struggle to select which wonderful photos to frame for the house. Big brother Spurgeon seems particularly sweet with his little siblings. In their latest video, he very sweetly took Henry’s hand as they walked along.

Jessa Seewald Post Up A Video Of  Their Fun Day

On Sunday, September 6, a new video went up on YouTube. Jessa explained that they took the kids out for their first-ever county fair experience. As they walked along, Ivy toddled along next to her mom and Spurgeon skipped along pointing out the sights. Off they went and visited the cows in their enclosure. However, poor Spurgeon nearly puked at the smell of the cow dung. Meanwhile, Ivy showed a bit more resilience and actually asked her mom if she could sit on one of the animals.

Jessa Seewald Shares A Fun Day Out With The Kids [Video]

Next, Jessa Seewald took the kids to look at the pigs and Ivy said that her favorite was a big fat pink pig. However, Henry didn’t like it much, and pointed out that it had “poop on it.” When the family arrived at the chickens, Spurgeon seemed quite excited. Clearly, they smell away better than cows. Thrilled, they discovered that some little chicks were there as well, and Spurgeon counted six of them. However, it certainly looks like the bunny rabbits were the favorite of the day.

Eating Some Ices

After all their activity, Jessa Seewald revealed that the kids tucked into some ices. Then they all said “hi” to “grandma” on the camera. Ivy said, “We are eating this.” Then they recalled some of the animals they saw. As Jessa never showed Alyssa, perhaps grandma babysat her.

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