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Long Island Medium Returns To TLC In A Two-Hour Special On 9/11

Long Island Medium fans enjoyed watching Theresa Caputo on TLC. However, the show went across to discovery+ which upset a lot of fans. Well, now she returns to TLC for a two-hour special, many fans feel that it’s just wrong. So, her return never got greeted with shouts of joy as it involves the victims of 9/11 which happened 20 years ago. It’s a bitter moment for many Americans who think the families should be left alone to grieve on the anniversary of it.

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Returns To TLC

Theresa Caputo fans became really angry back in February this year. The show seemed very popular, so they felt devasted when it went across to discovery+. Not everyone could afford to pay for it and some of them felt they were being exploited after being loyal to the TLC network for years. Actually, that criticism extends to other shows as many of the 90 Day Fiance spinoffs don’t feature on TLC either. Well, fans who missed Theresa will get a chance to see her on TLC again on 9/11.

If you don’t know, the Long Island Medium show stars Theresa Caputo, a self-professed medium. Since it started in 2011, many fans believed that she really can communicate with the dead. Often, she would visit outside of New York to consult with clients, and other times they came to her. All of them seemed to desperately want to hear from their loved ones on the other side. However, a lot of skeptics believe she is not genuine and probably fakes the whole thing. Of course, if there is any fakery, then fans might think it’s a terrible thing for victims of 9/11.

Long Island Medium Special For 9/11

TLC shared a short poster for Theresa Caputo’s show on Instagram on September 6. The caption said, “Theresa Caputo brings healing messages to loved ones who experienced loss on 9/11 in a new special #LongIslandMedium: In Memory of 9/11. Watch it this Thursday 9/9 at 10/9c.” Well, if they hoped that fans would do handsprings of joy, they seem to have miscalculated. Actually, a lot of fans sounded disgusted with the idea. Many of them took to the comments section and sounded off about it.

Long Island Medium Returns To TLC In A Two-Hour Special On 9 11
Credit – TLC | Instagram

Here’s what some Long Island Medium fans said about it:

This is just wrong.

No no no! Leave those poor families alone. They just need peace.

This is sick exploitation.

In memory of 9/11?? Shame on you lady.

TLC is sinking to new lows.”

Some Fans Like The Idea

Not all fans slammed TLC and Theresa Caputo. A smaller minority felt there was nothing wrong with it. One of them commented, “I’m sure that if the families didn’t want to do it, they wouldn’t have signed up. Many people believe in this and I’m sure these families are seeking answers in this tragedy.

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