Unexpected Alum McKayla Adkins Slams TLC Producers As ‘Evil’

Unexpected fans met McKayla Adkins when she starred on the show with Caelan Morrison. Actually, a lot of fans liked him a lot but felt that she often acted very entitled. Mind you, everyone knows that TLC often edits for maximum drama. Well, clearly, McKayla didn’t enjoy the experience on the show very much as she just went off about the producers of the show and TLC. In fact, she labeled them as “Evil.”

Unexpected Alum McKayla Adkins Moved on From TLC and Caelan

McKayla Adkins and Calean were very young parents and they produced two kids. Calean really tried hard to make a huge effort it be a responsible dad. In fact, he provided a home for his family. However, it seemed that he could do nothing right and she moved away to stay with her grandparents. When they finally broke up, many fans felt sorry for Caelan. However, he moved on and in time, seemed happy enough. Neither of them appeared in the recent seasons of the show, but fans stay in touch with them via social media.

Unexpected Alum McKayla Adkins Slams TLC Producers As 'Evil'

Since the last time fans of Unexpected saw McKayla on their screens, she also moved on. In fact, she found a new guy, became engaged, declared her pregnancy, and tied the knot in quick succession. Starcasm reported that she and Ethan Tenney looked very happy together. The outlet noted that “the preview screen of the photographer’s camera [on their wedding day] indicates a date of May 22.” Well, thoroughly moved on from TLC, she took to TikTok and said some disturbing thing about the network and the producers of the show.

Unexpected Producers ‘Inappropriate,’ McKayla Claims

The news about the views that McKayla Adkins hold was reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. They noted that in one TikTok video, she slammed fans who think it’s an awesome show. In fact, she said, “if you’re still watching this show, why? Like, what the f**k? Stop.” She added, “For those of you who love TLC’s ‘Unexpected,’ I don’t know how.” That came after she claimed that the producers “[sexualizes] minors who are pregnant and their children.” Apparently, she doesn’t care that she might get into trouble with TLC, claiming she’s tired of them threatening lawsuits.

The Unexpected alum spoke about one producer, claiming, “That show is f**ked up. The producer or director or whatever she is, is f**ked up, and they’re evil. They literally sexualized us as minors.” Also, she claimed that her co-star Rilah Ferrer holds the same views. Additionally, she claimed that they asked a lot of questions about virginity and who they slept with. Then she said, “f**ked. They asked me if I would pierce my f**king vagina in front of my grandparents, and they asked my grandpa if he knew what piercing your vagina meant.

More Claims That Sound Evil

McKayla Adkins really got things off her chest saying, “they forced someone to be in the delivery room with me while I was giving birth and somebody, the editor…saw me naked at some point.” Bear in mind, she was still a minor when she gave birth to her son,  Timothy in 2017.

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