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Counting On Alums Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo Return To Instagram Live

Counting On Alums Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo Return To Instagram LiveCounting On alums Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo used to go onto Instagram a lot and hold live podcasts. However, that fell away some time back. Additionally, they stopped sharing facial photos of their kids, Felicity and Evangeline. Of course, more recently, with the arrest of her brother Josh, many members of the Duggar family seem a bit quiet on social media. So, TLC fans seemed delighted when they updated them live on September 7.

Counting On Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo Mentioned The Kids In Their Live

TLC fans felt terribly sad when the couple stopped sharing videos and photos of the kids. Felicity became a firm fan-favorite of the show with her cute antics. However, these days they start sharing occasional rare photos. Still, fans don’t see their faces. Apparently, they decided that privacy is important for their kids. Perhaps Jinger feels that reality TV brings too much stress. Alternatively, they might worry about child abuse sites that her brother Josh allegedly enjoys. Well, their live didn’t show the kids, but they mentioned them.

Nobody knows why the Counting On couple stopped doing live updates on Instagram. However, back in April when they promoted their book, The Hope We Hold, some fans slammed Jeremy.  They felt he wouldn’t let Jinger talk and always wanted to control everything. Perhaps they just grew fed up with trolls and critics. Actually, now they returned, he did let Jinger talk and she spoke all about how she decluttered and cleaned the house after Jana’s recent visit. Meanwhile, Jeremy said that he just wrote a hard exam for the Seminary, so he felt like just lazing around for a bit.

Counting On Couple Struggle With Evangeline Not Sleeping

Both Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo talked about how Evangeline sleeps badly. Jinger said that she really doesn’t nap much, so she sometimes struggles to find housekeeping time. In fact, Jeremy explained that he sat with their baby girl watching Netflix for hours. However to no avail, as it “didn’t work.” She fell asleep but when he tried moving her into her crib, she woke up and stayed awake.  Jinger thinks that their little girl seems to be “having a rough time with all the teething.”

Counting On Alums Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo Return To Instagram Live

The Counting On couple also talked about how Jinger became baptized this Sunday. TLC fans might have thought that happened years ago. However, she said she came to Christ as a six-year-old and just did it because her “sisters were doing it.” She “repeated the words,” but it really didn’t mean very much, So, this baptism was a big step for her. Next, they talked about their book. Jeremy said that they already racked up “1,000 reviews on Amazon,” which is apparently a good sign. So. they thanked their fans for engaging.

Other Updates

Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo explained that life was super-busy for them recently. However, they assured fans that they intend to keep on doing their podcast. Jeremy said that it’s just a question of making the time because they also enjoyed them.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo right now. Come back here often for more Counting On spoilers, news, and updates.

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