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Little People Big World Spoilers: Caryn Chandler Updates On Baby Liam

Little People, Big World star Caryn Chandler took to her Instagram in August and shared a photo of  Liam Joseph Chandler. The son of Connor Chandler and Ashlee arrived on Sunday, August 22. The proud grandma quickly shared a photo of the newborn child. Now she shared an update about Baby Liam, and most TLC fans understand her happiness. After all, despite the Roloff grandkids, this one comes from her own bloodline.

Little People, Big World Spoilers – Baby Liam, The Son Of Connor Chandler

Fans of LPBW see that Caryn Chandler seems to adore Matt Roloff’s grandchildren. However, she s not actually the bloodline grandma of Jackson, Lilah, Ember, and Bode. Soon, Matt expects two more grandchildren: one from Audrey Roloff and one from Jacob and Isabel. Actually, she will soon have six Roloff grandchildren around her. However, she takes care not to ever call herself that. In fact, the little kids call her “Cha Cha,” a term of endearment. Caryn prefers it that way as she respects their real grandma, Amy.

With the arrival of baby Liam, for the first time, the Little People, Big World star became a real grandma and she’s not shy to declare that to the whole world. In 202o, she and her son Connor had a lot of issues and he ended up arrested for alleged violent behavior towards his mom. Connor went through years of struggle with drugs and appeared in court in February this year.  He denied the charges and pled not guilty. Very recent news emerged that he changed his appeal to guilty and some charges fell away. He avoided jail time, which is just as well as he’s a dad now. Possibly, the arrival of Liam helped to heal Caryn and Connor’s relationship.

Little People, Big World Updates From Grandma Caryn Chandler

On September 6, Caryn Chandler took to her Instagram and shared a new photo of her with her grandchild. In the caption, she said, “A Huge heartfelt thank you for all your beautiful and thoughtful congrats grandma messages. It’s everything you all said 🥰 My heart is full.” Most TLC fans reacted with more congrats. However, one of them seemed a bit snarky. Notably, LPBW fans seem divided into two camps: Team Matt and Team Amy.

The follower asked, “Just wondering- did you not feel that about Matt’s grandkids?!?🤷🏼‍♀️” Well, other LPBW fans might feel that seems a bit unfair for the Little People, Big World star. After all, she always congratulates people like Audrey. Plus, on social media, she often shares herself enjoying time with Matt’s grandkids. However, if the fan hoped to upset, Caryn, they clearly failed as she ignored the comment.

Little People Big World Spoilers Caryn Chandler Updates On Baby Liam

On his Instagram, Matt also shared a photo of himself with baby Liam. Obviously, Liam’s not his bloodline grandchild. But for the couple, any grandchild seems like a wonderful event.

Matt Roloff Called Lima A ‘Precious Little Gift From God!’

When Matt shared that they caught up with Liam, he noted that he’s the grandchild of Caryn Chandler. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t fall in love with the cute little kid. He wrote, “Hanging out with adorable new baby Liam… @carynchandler1 new grandson. What a precious little gift from God!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Caryn Chandler right now. Come back here often for more Little People, Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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