90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle and Karine Applied For The Maury Show

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? in 2020 brought new heights of drama between Paul Staehle and  Karine. They always were a controversial couple, and forever took their personal issues to social media. Actually, TLC fans think they should just get off it and sort out their lives in private. Well, there’s a fat chance of that happening as Paul now talks about more reality TV. He told blogger John Yates that they applied for the Maury Show.

90 Day Fiance Stars Paul Staehle And Karine Didn’t Appear On The Tell-All

Karine and Paul missed the Tell all in September last year. When Shaun Robinson opened the show, she just said that the couple wouldn’t be able to join them.  However, she didn’t say why. Mind you TLC fans could guess that it had something to do with their over-the-top drama. Recall, there were all sorts of incidents involving the cops and restrainign orders. Massive fights blew up and scorched their Instagram accounts. In fact, Karine took their 18-month-old son Pierre, and left him and Paul frantically tried to hunt her down.

Later, 90 Day Fiance fans heard that both Paul and Karine Staehle reunited in Brazil. At the time, Karine, who was expecting baby number two with Paul, posed for Halloween photos with her family. Mind you, they did go via Louisville, Kentucky where they reconciled. Since then, they have been notably absent from the TLC franchise. It’s not clear what Paul does there now, but at one stage he claimed that he thought about a career as a farmer. Now, it sounds like he thinks about more reality TV in their future, as well. As paternity and DNA tests were such a point of conflict, perhaps the Maury Show is the right platform for them.

90 Day Fiance Stars Apply For The Maury Show

Paul Staehle chatted with blogger, John Yates about the possibility of going on the Maury show. That came during a YouTube Live. If you don’t know, the Maury Show is hosted by Maury Povich. It looks at things like “paternity tests, transsexuals, lie detector tests to determine infidelity, abusive husbands and boyfriends, shocking sex secrets, strange phobias, and more, according to the website.

90 Day Fiance Paul Staehle and Karine Applied For The Maury Show

90 Day Fiance guru John Yates shared a post this week that revealed Paul applied and he said, “I spoke with them on the phone today.” He added, “Karine said she’s willing to go on the show as well.” Finally, he noted, “Time to get all this DNA stuff behind us once and for all.” John quipped in his caption, “Hey @deemangela maybe you can give him some pointers…🤣🔥❤️.” If you didn’t know, Angela Deem appeared on the show in the past.

TLC fans Comment In The Maury Show

In the comments section, followers of Paul and Karine Staehle had some mixed reactions. One of them said, “Hahaha! I can’t wait! What a sht show this would be 😂😂.” However, another fan noted, “No need to put this out there. DNA testing is affordable why disrespect your wife and kids. They will see this in the future and there’s no turning back.”


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