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Meri Brown On Friday With Friends: Jenn Reveals Hilarious Concealer

Meri Brown and her friend Jenn Sullivan got together again this week for their Friday With Friends live podcast on Instagram. The two women get along so well, and in all the banter, Jenn responded to questions about their skincare routines. Well, without even trying to promo anything, she mentioned them and stole the chat with the hilarious name of the concealer she uses.

Meri Brown From Sister Wives Is Very Popular On Friday With Friends

Do you have a friend where you can have a cry, laugh, joke, excuse one another for arriving late, and just chit-chat about almost anything? Well, that’s what you see when Meri and her friend Jen Sullivan get going on their live on Instagram. The two women seldom miss an episode, and you’ll find it every Friday on Meri’s Instagram. However if you miss it live, she always posts it up on her main Instagram so you can check it out at any time. As Jenn currently manages Lizzie’s Heritage Inn BNB for Meri, it often takes place in Parowan.

This week, Sister Wives star Meri Brown started the live and she’s currently in Flagstaff, Arizona. After a bit of difficulty, Jenn joined her and the Friday With Friends fun began. In the past, random fun facts came out in the podcast: like the fact that Meri’s sister Rebekah Barber Dilts lives in a cave. In another podcast, everyone dissolved into helpless giggles as the dogs went crazy and barked at the camera constantly. You will find a lot to giggle about if you watch them, actually.  Increasingly popular, this week, fans just fell in love with the hilariously named concealer that Jenn uses.

Meri Brown And The Recipe, Jenn And Her Concealer

When Meri popped up this week’s episode, she wrote in her caption, “See if you can follow along and get the recipe I share! 🤣” well, good luck with that. After all, it’s the kind of podcast where chatter goes off in ten different directions. Someone says something and it takes an entirely different direction. Anyway, this week, a side note grabbed the attention of TLC fans who tuned in. It involved their makeup. Jenn  said in the comments that Sister Wives fans keep asking her and Meri about their “skincare routines.”

Meri Brown thanked Jenn for remembering to do it. Plus, Jenn said that they did not mean it to be a promotional addition to the podcast. However, many fans asked for it. Well, in her reveal, Jenn said, “Both of us use @lancerskincaresandiego.” She also mentioned that Meri also “uses @itcosmetics.”  However, Jenn uses “@ilmakiage for f**k I’m Flawless concealer and Woke Up Like This foundation.” What!? One fan asked, “It’s really called for f**k I’m Flawless? I’d buy it just for the name. 🤣🤣🤣”

Meri Brown On Friday With Friends Jenn Reveals Hilarious Concealer

Well, other fans agreed that sounds like a hilarious name for a concealer.

Fans Agree They Also Need To Look Flawless

In the comments, Jenn Sullivan confirmed her concealer really goes by that hilarious name. One Sister Wives fan commented, “Yes! I need to be f***king flawless! Lol.” Another one agreed, saying, “For me, it’s the shadows under my eyes. I could never conceal them and always felt like I looked exhausted even when I wasn’t.😂” Over on the website, it confirms the product by that name actually exists! It sells for$31.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Meri Brown On Friday With Friends right now. Plus, come back here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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