OutDaughtered Spoilers: Adam Shares Video Of The Quints’ Mini-Spa Day

OutDaughtered spoilers revealed that the Busby quints and their sister Blayke enjoyed a nice summer break. Plus, before they returned to school, they all attended a pool party as a back-to-school bash. However, this year Adam and Daneille added something extra and the kids all went off for a mini-spa day. This weekend. he shared a video that he made about the beauty session.

OutDaughtered Spoilers Reveal That Danielle Felt A Bit Emotional About School

During the summer break, the Busby kids attended a lot of summer camps. They went along to more than one. Plus, for the first time, big sister Blayke went off for an overnight church camp. She learned silk dancing, and theatre as well. Meanwhile, the quints went to invention camp, and also ended up at a dance camp. The family visited Splashway Water Park a few times and they spent some time at the beach. In fact, Adam shared a video of their beach trip on YouTube about a week ago.

OutDaughtered spoilers also revealed that when the kids returned to school, mom Danielle felt a bit emotional. She told her fans on Instagram that the kids didn’t cry but she couldn’t help shedding some tears. It came when she saw the kids walking to class “with those big ol backpacks 🤗.” Blayke went up into 5th Grade and the Busby quints all moved up to 1st grade. Before returning to school, the kids all got haircuts and their mom and dad purchased all the stuff they’d need. Now it turns out that they also arranged for the six-year-old quints and Blayke to go for a mini-spa day.

The OutDaughtered Quints Love Painting Their Nails

In past seasons of the show, and on their parents’ social media, TLC fans saw that the quints loved painting their nails. Actually, they also rope in their dad sometimes and paint his nails. Recently, Adam mentioned that the kids went to a beauty shop and he described them as being “in heaven.” Clearly, these kids are into makeup and pretty things. When he posted up a video of them at their spa day, Adam said that Danielle hunted around and found a place that would do it for the kids in Houston.

OutDaughtered Spoilers Adam Shares Video Of The Quints Mini Spa Day

In the video shared by the OutDaughtered dad, Danielle mentioned that for the quints, it’s the “first spa experience.” TLC fans know that Blayke already enjoyed her spa day with friends on her 10th birthday. She told the kids that they might put cucumbers on their eyes, so cute Hazel said, “I’ll eat the cucumbers.” Inside, the kids all dressed in robes and enjoyed a drink. Riley seemed thrilled with the selection of nail paint. And, they all had cucumbers on their eyes but Hazel apparently resisted the urge to eat them.

Next, the girls all got color on their lips and eye makeup. Ava said she liked the lipgloss. Meanwhile, Olivia declared that cucumbers are “gross.” Actually, the kids were well-behaved and so quiet that Daneille suggested they “build a spa” at their own house.

Back-To-School Q&A?

When he introduced the video about the mini-spa, Adam said they’d do a bit of Q&A about it. However, it looks like TLC fans need to wait until next week’s vlog. He said that the kids will talk about their first day of 1st Grade.

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