Bachelor Alum Kelley Flanagan Opens Up About Her Lyme Disease

Bachelor Nation-Kelley Flanagan-1Bachelor fans really liked Kelley Flanagan who appeared in Peter Weber’s season on ABC. However, it didn’t work out and fans wondered if Peter’s mom had anything to do with her splitting from him. Mind you, a lot of fans thought that she took a near miss when they split. Pilot Pete became quite famous for dithering around when it came to making any decision for himself.

Bachelor Kelley Flanagan Split From Peter Weber

You might recall that Kelley Flanagan previously met Peter Weber at a hotel in Malibu. Anyway, when they later met up in Season 24 in 2020, there was definitely a spark.  Unfortunately, Peter didn’t give the attorney his final rose and chose Hannah Ann Sluss instead. Still undecided, he later dumped her for Madison Prewett. Well, ABC fans know that was very short-lived. After all, they saw how his mom Barbs made it very clear that she really didn’t like her. So, when Kelley and Peter finally started dating, fans assumed that the same thing might happen again. And, it did.

Bachelor fans later heard in August this year, that Kelley was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Emotional she shared a video with her fans about the bad news. Actually, Screenrant noted that she isn’t the first member of Bachelor Nation to get the diagnosis. Bachelorette winner Ryan Sutter also confirmed his diagnosis, In fact, other celebs who got it include Justin Bieber and Shania Twain. Quite vague, the symptoms are often hard to pin down.

Bachelor Alum Kelley Flanagan Reveals Lyme Disease And Updates On Treatment

Kelley Flanagan felt off quite a lot. The symptoms range from things like headaches to rashes, low-grade fevers, and general fatigue. Caused by the  Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, it came as a relief in a way for her to finally figure out what was wrong. In fact, USA Weekly noted that her brothers also suffered from it, which probably raised the possibility in her mind. Well, now she updated the outlet on her treatment and it looks like she has not yet started.

Bachelor Alum Kelley Flanagan Opens Up About Her Lyme Disease

The Bachelor alum told the outlet that it will take nine months of treatment. Actually, she’s lying to Boston and there it’s quite a strict treatment protocol. Unfortunately, it’s not the sort of illness that you can just pop a pill for. Also, as she only recently received her diagnosis, it takes time to plan for the treatment. One thing that she deals with is the fact that Lyme disease patients don’t necessarily look ill. They might feel bad, but from the outside, others might not even know it. So she said that a lot of people think she already had her treatment.

Treatment Protocols

Kelley Flanagan described what she is expected to do for treatment once she arrives in Boston. She said, “No carbs, no sugar, an oxygen tank for, like, 30 minutes a day, brainwaves lasers. … It’s going to be extensive, but I’m ready to tackle it.

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