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Sister Wives: How Janelle’s Diet and Fitness Journey Has Evolved

Sister Wives: How Janelle’s Diet and Fitness Journey Has EvolvedIncreasingly, fans are being inspired by Jenelle Brown’s adventures and, right now, her focus is on diet and fitness.

According to ScreenRant, Janelle has been a busy mother, attentive to everything that role required of her but now, she has turned her focus onto herself and her wellbeing.

The 52-year-old Sister Wives star has inspired fans who are supportive and excited about the changes she is making.

Sister Wives: With Kids Grown, Time for a Change

Sister Wives has been a hit with the robust Brown family, Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn in fan’s homes for over ten years.

Janelle is a wife of six children and has dedicated her life to caring for the children that she shares with her polygamist husband Kody Brown.

Since the children, Logan, Madison, Hunter, Robert, Gabriel, and Savanah are now all adults it makes sense that Janelle is now focusing on herself, and we would be hard-pressed to find anyone who could disagree with that.

The reality TV star has achieved goals on the show over the years, but none have inspired fans quite the way her health journey has.

Fans have been aware, throughout the past several seasons, that Janelle has been losing pounds and, during one of those episodes, she told fans that her friend, who had lost a hundred pounds, was inspiring to her.

It is this inspiration that gave the Sister Wives alum the strength she needed to bust through and make the changes she needed for her fitness.

Sister Wives: An Inspiration for Fans

At the end of August, the reality star took to Instagram to show a before and after image charting her weight loss transformation.

Her caption was long and well thought out, describing her transformation and explaining some key changes she had to make, “Change comes first with the decision to try.

Trying comes with the decision to continue.

Continuing comes with the decision to be committed. I wanted & needed something but I didn’t know what. I thought THAT (my before) was how it was supposed to be.

Sister Wives: How Janelle’s Diet and Fitness Journey Has Evolved

Until Maddie decided to make a change, decision to try, decision to continue, then a decision to share. Her sharing with me has forever changed the way I feel. I didn’t start this for a month hoping for it to change everything.

I started this because I was willing to put in the time for change to happen.”

she goes on, ultimately inviting fans to taker the journey with her, writing, “You have to decide, just like I did. You’re worth it. You’re deserving. You’re ready for change. You’re committed.
When it’s your time, message me. It’s either ONE DAY OR DAY ONE – we ALL have that decision.”

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