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Derick Dillard Reveals A Remarkable Coincidence With Israel

Derick Dillard started running as a young boy and even completed marathons in the past. Now, his son Israel also started running. Recently, Jill also shared that she tries her hand at jogging as well. This week, Derick revealed that Israel ran in a cross country event and he discovered a remarkable coincidence. He shared the news on his Instagram on Wednesday this week.

Derick Dillard Gets Outdoors With Israel And Sam

Counting On fans know that no matter how hard Derick works, he always makes the time to help Jill with the two boys, Samuel and Israel. Often, he sets aside the time to read them storybooks. Plus, as a family, they make the time for the outdoors. The couple takes the boys camping and exploring whenever they can manage it. Plus, on his social media, TLC fans sometimes see them at the park. Actually, messing around on the basketball court with the boys revealed that he seems like quite a good player.

Physically active Derick Dillard inspired Jill to take up running though she doesn‘t live for it. Now, it looks like he taught his son Israel some techniques. The Dillard Family Blog revealed back in 2018, that Derick ran “his first North American Marathon.” The site also mentioned that he ran a few other marathons in Nepal. Additionally, it reflected on how he manages despite some sort of gagging reflex. It doesn’t always happen, and they don’t know what actually causes it. However, he persists in his efforts.

Derick Dillard Reveals Photos Of Israel At His Running Event

On Wednesday, July 15, Derick took to his Instagram and shared a photo of Isreal. Then he added another one that he showed his dad standing next to him as a young boy. In his caption, the Counting On alum told his fans that Israel ran his “first cross country race of the season!” Actually, Jill also shared photos of the day that showed Israel running. She mentioned that Derick ran cross country back when he was in school. In one shot, he ran alongside the route and encouraged his son.

Meanwhile, Derick Dillard explained the coincidence that they discovered. He added to his caption, “We didn’t even realize it until afterward, but Israel and I posed almost the exact same way, on the exact same date 19 years later, as a pic of me with my dad after a race!

Derick Dillard Reveals A Remarkable Coincidence With Israel

Naturally, some TLC fans thought that was an amazing coincidence. Many of them took it the comments section to talk about running marathons and cross country.

Fans Comment On Israel And The Coincidence

One Counting On fan wrote, “That’s so awesome!!” Then another  one said, “How very special this is ❤️.” More comments followed, including this one: “How special is that ❤️ Great job, Israel!”

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