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Did Little People Big World Star Matt Roloff Snub Amy And Molly’s Birthdays?

Little People, Big World (LPBW) fans know that Amy Roloff and her daughter Molly Silvius share the same birthday date. Amy shared all about it on her Instagram. However, Matt Roloff didn’t say anything about the birthdays immediately. So, some TLC fans might be wondering if he snubbed them. Fans always look for hints of drama in the family, so read on to find out if he really ignored them.

Little People, Big World Star Matt Roloff Did A Lot For Amy’s Wedding

In the last season of the TLC show, fans saw that Matt offered Amy the use of the farm for the wedding with Chris Marek. Well, Amy took like forever to finally decide to take it. In the early stage of the season, she seemed a bit off with Matt. However, she seemed to direct some snark towards Chris. In fact, she snapped at him when he asked Matt’s opinion on one area of the venue. Plus, during the season, she seemed a bit miffed that Chris and Matt clearly became good friends. Still, after 30 odd years, Matt likely knows his ex-wife like the back of his hand. He didn’t look too upset at any of her snide comments.

Little People, Big World fans also saw that Matt Roloff and Caryn Chalder, his girlfriend, didn’t attend the wedding. That came when Amy explained that some guests at the wedding might feel uncomfortable. Well, there’s a huge possibility that Caryn might have felt uncomfortable as well. Plus, how many men really want to attend the wedding of their ex? Anyway, he took it with grace and reassured Chris that he understood. So, is he sulking about it to the point where he’d snub Amy on her birthday? Not to mention his daughter Molly.

Little People, Big World – Amy And Molly Snubbed On Birthdays?

If LPBW fans hope to name and shame Matt for ignoring Amy and Molly on their birthday, then perhaps they should start looking at the rest of the family. On their main pages, Zach, Tori, Audrey, and Jeremy didn’t mention it. Neither did Caryn Chandler. Of course, some of them might have mentioned the birthday in their stories, but they disappear so fast, fans possibly missed them. In fact, it looks like the only person who made a big song and dance about birthdays was Amy. Of course, fans can’t say much about Molly. She keeps her account private.

Little People Big World Star Matt Roloff Snub Amy and Molly's Birthdays

Little People, Big World fans only heard from Matt and Caryn once in the past week. She posted about boating on the river with friends before Amy’s birthday. Meanwhile, Matt shared about getting the farm ready for the Pumpkin season. So, perhaps they are busy with other things. However, it’s incredibly hard to imagine that Matt snubbed his daughter. Clearly, he adores her and in the past, she was featured at family get-togethers.

Then, late on September 18, he shared a post about it. And, it probably slam-dunked all “snub” critics.

Matt's Post

 Matt Could Have Contacted His Family Privately

Molly seems quite private, so perhaps he could have communicated with her privately on her birthday. Likewise, what’s to stop him from sending a text or DM to Amy? The fact that he went public with it showed that he never deliberately snubbed anyone.

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