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I Love A Mama’s Boy Spoilers: Emily Tells Sheken Women Shouldn’t Work

I Love A Mama’s Boy, (ILAMB) Season 1  brought Emily Chu and Sheken Sekander on TLC. Of course, with the whole premise aimed at overbearing and cloying moms, fans also met Sheken’s mom Laila. Shocked fans saw that she treated Emily very badly, so fans felt sorry for Emily. However, now she told Sheken that women shouldn’t work, some of them revised their opinion of her. Note that this article contains spoilers for an upcoming episode.

I Love A Mama’s Boy Reveals Cultural Differences between Emily And Sheken

Season 2 brought back Emily and Sheken and Liala alongside Kim, Matt, and Kelly, and Stephanie, Mike, and Liz. Newcomers include Tia, Theous, and Carolyn, along with Tracy, Bryan, and Jayne. Fans already saw that Matt continues putting his mom first in everything, over Kim. Additonally, his mom Kelly continues taking center stage in Matt’s affections. Meanwhile, Bryan’s mom takes it next level by wanting to join them on their honeymoon. However, of all the couples, cultural differences seem the most extreme between Emily and Sheken.

I Love A Mama’s Boy fans heard that Emily came from South East Asian descent. However, as Starsoffline noted, fans learned very little about her parents and siblings. So, it’s not clear just how much of her upbringing contributes to her current differences with Sheken. Sheken’s from Arab ancestry and that might also lie at the bottom of Laila’s resentment. In a preview of the show, ILAMB fans saw that Sheken and Emily clashed over whether women should work to help support the family.

I Love A Mama’s Boy – Emily Gets A Job

TLC revealed that a big issue the couple faced in Season 1 was Emily pushing Shreken to move out of his mom’s house. Well, in the preview, Sheken talks about how she got a job, so they can think about building a future in their own place. However, Emily objects to working all the time. In fact, she told him that she won’t want to earn her own money forever. In fact, even though she earns money, she feels it’s wrong of him to ask her for contributions to the rent when they move.

The I Love A Mama’s Boy star took it further and in her confessional, she confessed all her feelings. In it, she said that she believes that women “shouldn’t work.” Actually, she prefers that the man is the breadwinner, and all she needs to do is be “treated like a queen.” Additionally, she said that when her mom “came to America,” she was a “stay-at-home mom.”She likes that her mom took care of her and her brother.

I Love A Mama's Boy Spoilers Emily Tells Sheken Women Shoudn't Work

Well, Shekeb feels that she has “some wierd crazy expectations.” He then told her that his mom likes to see “teamwork.” After all, she worked her whole life and so does the rest of the family.

Emily Is Not ready For Kids And Will Depend On Shekeb To Support Her

The problem is that Emily seems to think that Shekeb must deliver everything on a plate. She talked about not being ready for kids. Additonally, she just wants to stay home and raise her two dogs. In the comments, some fans couldn’t get their heads around her. One of them said, “Wow I use to feel bad for you now girl u crazy.” Then, in reply to that, another fan noted, “My allegiance just shifted in this 3 short minutes lol.”

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