Bachelor In Paradise: Dean Unglert Claims Winter Games Is The Worst

Bachelor In Paradise (BiP) stars Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller Keyes are extremely popular with Bachelor Nation. Actually, fans love the way they enjoy exploring the world and their own limits. Plus, they adopted Pappy the rescue dog, and that brought them a whole lot of love. Now, they discussed the various shows in the franchise. Dean felt that the absolute worst to film for is Winter Games.

Bachelor In Paradise Stars Dean UnglertAnd Caelynn Had Issues

During BiP, fans saw that Dean sometimes treated Caelynn badly. Actually, he managed to dump her on her birthday! That came back in 2019. However, in 2021, she repaid him for that. It certainly seems that she can fight her own battles and bad memories. A clip posted on Instagram revealed Dean sitting on the edge of a hot air balloon’s basket. Well, it was his birthday, so, as he sat on the edge of the basket, he leaned forward and Caelynn told him “happy birthday.” Next, she kissed him tenderly, before pushing him off the edge. Dean said a naughty word as he fell away into the sky. Fortunately, he wore his skydiving parachute.

Bachelor In Paradise fans also know that Dean Unglert and Caelynn enjoyed some time at Villa Amor in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico. Well, she totally fell for him. Plus, she told him that she really trusts him. However, in one scene, they ran up the edge of the pool, but he held back from jumping in and cackled when she ended up in the water alone. Well, she sold scored her payback for that. Actually, she re-enacted it the other way around two years later. However, it’s not all fun and games, and fame in the ABC franchise. Speaking with US Weekly, Dean compared Bachelorette, BiP, and Winter Games.

Bachelor In Paradise Compared To Winter Games And Bachelorette

Both Dean and Caelynn hated the crabs on BiP.  The island looks awesome, but crabs are everywhere. Plus, a lot of rules come about what you can wear or take with you. Then, the Boom Boom Boom Room is in big demand more for the airconditioning than anything else. Also, what’s a beach without a drink or two? But each person was limited to what they could consume. Additionally, those ghastly crabs turned up in the bathrooms. However, Dean felt it was way better than Winter Games.

The Bachelor In Paradise veteran felt that Winter Games was utterly boring. It was hard being confined in the house. Well, ABC fans know that Dean has itchy feet and the dread of staying in one place must have driven him crazy. Moving on and discussing Bachelorette, Dean gave it the best rating of all. He like that everywhere they went, the food was great. Additonally, they didn’t stay confined to one area. In fact, they traveled around quite a lot.

Will The BiP Couple Marry?

People Magazine reported about a week ago, that Dean chatted about marrying Cealynn on the Help! I Suck at Dating podcast. Fans know they recently visited Italy and always enjoy beautiful places.

Bachelor In Paradise Dean Unglert Claims Winter Games Is The Worst

Asked if he thinks of marrying Caelynn, Dean Unglert said that Italy definitely has the right things going for a romantic wedding. He also said that they have floated the idea of a wedding between them, even if just “hypothetically.”

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