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I Love A Mama’s Boy Spoilers: “Nasty” Emily Expects Shekeb to Sell “His Lungs” For An Expensive Ring

I Love A Mama’s Boy (ILAMB) spoilers for Season 2 on TLC revealed that Emily Chu and Shekeb Sekander returned. Well, that means that they also see his mom Laila again. Last season, she was totally slammed by fans for being nasty. Almost obsessed with hate, she even claimed that Emily tried to poison her birthday cake. However, this season, fans who felt sorry for Emily rapidly reverse their opinion of her. Two recent episodes had fans gnashing their teeth over her entitled attitude.

I Love A Mama’s Boy Fans Put Off By Emily Chu In Season 2

Not much is known about Emily’s cultural background. However, this season, fans saw that she told Shekeb that women shouldn’t work. In fact, although she has a job, she plans on keeping her money for herself. Stubbornly, she feels it’s purely his responsibility to cough up cover all rent and all her needs. However, she’s the one pushing for their own place without Laila. Fans agreed with Shekeb, who told her that she has “some weird crazy expectations.” That came after she told him a woman deserves to be “treated like a queen.”

Naturally, I Love A Mama’s Boy Season 2 cast members get criticism from fans and Emily’s not alone. This year, fans met Tia, Theous, and Carolyn. Plus they met newcomers, Tracy, Bryan, and Jayne. The newcomers, combined with returnees like Matt and Kim all get slammed. Most of it seems aimed that their moms who seem reluctant to let their adult sons be independent men. However, with Emily, this season fans mostly aim their criticisms at her. Laila of course is still around. However, fans begin to understand why she has so many issues with her future daughter-in-law.

I Love A Mama’s Boy – Emily Loses More Fans

In Season2, Episode 4, fans saw Shekeb and Emily planning for his proposal. For once, Laila stayed out of it. The couple went to look at rings. In a teaser for the episode, fans saw that Emily has some very high expectations. In fact, she wants a way more expensive ring than is common in the USA. Coming on top of her telling Shekeb she wants to be treated like a queen and not contribute to their home financially, a lot of fans seem even more put off by her. After all, not content with a two-carat stone, she wants a 3-carat ring.

The I Love A Mama’s Boy star seems unperturbed that it could set Shekeb back by about $40,000. In fact, she shrugs it off and reminds him that there is financing available. Fans seemed a bit shocked as she confessed that she doesn’t care if he “sells his lungs,” to give her the ring that she wants.

I Love A Mama’s Boy Spoilers Reveal Emily Chu Loses More Fans

Actually, Shekeb’s not wealthy and she seems very entitled. So, ILAMB fans slammed her for it.

Fans Comment

In the comments section of the teaser shared by TLC on Instagram, fans spoke out against Emily Chu. One of them wrote, “She had me thinking she was the victim until this week.” Then another fan noted, “I actually felt so bad for her until the last episode. She is unbelievably lazy. Expects to be taken care of. The size of the ring means nothing about the love behind it. Oh and her saying watching her two [dogs] is like watching children. Lol his mom is right.

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  1. CM says

    Emily is a spoiled lazy ass materialistic angry Bitch.
    Hate her. Hope Shakeb moves on from her.
    His mother is totally accurate.
    I don’t want to see her fat face either Laila.

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