Dog the Bounty Hunter Spoilers: Duane “Dog” Chapman Marries For the Sixth Time

Dog the Bounty Hunter spoilers reveal that Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman from Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, and Dog’s Most Wanted just remarried two years after his beloved Beth Chapman passed away. Extremely popular, the show revealed kick-*ss Beth battling her cancer before it killed her at home. Since her death, Duane took some heat for dating women so soon after she passed away. Now, he married Francie Frane in Colorado Springs. She’s his sixth wife.

Bounty Hunter Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman Took heat Over Angel Moon

The Bounty Hunter fans loved the show, and they loved Beth, but like so many reality TV stars, he picked up a lot of heat from fans. Sometimes, even Beth got trolled. However, when she fought her throat cancer so bravely, that was all forgotten.

However, six months after he buried Beth, rumors revealed that he dated Moon Angell. Previously, she and Beth worked closely together. Later, news arrived that he and Francie Frane became engaged in 2020. Really, the news came relatively soon after the death of Beth Chapman.

Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman took some criticism from his daughter Lyssa. Then, the news came that WGN pulled his proposed show, Dog Unleashed. However, the reasons why seem unclear. Anyway, despite any family disapproval he married Francie and appears to look very happy with his life right now. At least, they had the grace to wait for a couple of years before tying the knot. Fox News reported that the wedding took place earlier this month.

Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman Married At The Pinery At The Hill

The outlet reported, “The 68-year-old former reality star wanted an intimate wedding.” So, about “100 of the couple’s closest family and friends [enjoyed] themselves at…The Pinery At The Hill.” Meanwhile, the outlet cited The Daily Mail as reporting that Dog made some loving vows. He said to Francie, “This was a match made in heaven. Francie, I give you my word, I will love you every day until I die.” Francie seemed equally dedicated, noting, “What I thought was the end was just the very beginning. We have walked alongside each other through one of the hardest things we could ever face in this life.”

Duane Dog Chapman Remarries 2 Years After Beth Passed Away

The new wife of Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman added, “we’ve found an incredible friendship and inner strength we didn’t know we have.” Perhaps they but feel so happy as they both found love again. After all, Dog was married to Beth for 15 years before she passed away. Plus, Francie lost her husband to cancer the year before Beth died. Fans of The Bounty Hunter franchise will no doubt wish them well, although memories of Beth will not fade away quickly.

Other News

Dog surfaced in other news this month. It came as the police hunt for Brian Laundrie. He went missing after the body of Gabby Petito was found near her abandoned van. Dog weighed in, and The Sun reported that Dog said that he thinks Brian might even have taken his own life. He said that Laundrie “isn’t an experienced runner or criminal” and it’s possible “he’s right there in his hometown.” Then he also said, “Suicide is a very likely possibility.

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