Dog The Bounty Hunter Spoilers: Is Duane Onto Brian Laundrie In Gabby Petito’s Case?

Dog The Bounty Hunter spoilers show that Duane recently married again, two years after Beth Chapman died. However, he previously spoke about the hunt for Brian Laundrie. Since then, it looks like he seriously hunts for Brian Laundrie who disappeared. Recall, Gabby Petito disappeared but police later recovered her body at the Carlton Reserve in Florida. Well, Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman hunted down wanted people for years and that’s how he got into reality TV.

Dog The Bounty Hunter – Commented on Brian Laundrie

When the news emerged that Dog married Francie Frane in Colorado Springs, she became his sixth wife. However, his show stopped airing, so not all that many fans worried too much about it. However, their interest picked up when he commented about the Laundrie case which still makes the headlines. If you don’t know, federal officers and other law enforcement officials launched a massive hunt for Brian after the body of his fiancé Gabby was found.

Dog The Bounty Hunter weighed in about Brian. The Sun reported that Dog said that he thinks Brian might even have taken his own life. He said that Laundrie, “isn’t an experienced runner or criminal,” and it’s possible, “he’s right there in his hometown.” Then he also said, “Suicide is a very likely possibility.” Now, leaks from his daughter, Lyssa Chapman suggest that Dog not only pursues the case seriously, but he might have a “hot lead.” Certainly, many people, even those who don’t watch reality TV shows will hope that something comes of it.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Might Find Brian Laundrie

In her conversation on Twitter Lyssa noted, ” I can CONFIRM @DogBountyHunter has a HOT lead on Brian’s location. Dad has alerted the proper authorities. Say a prayer guys. This could be it.” Well, plenty of follow-up posts came in. Potentially, they never found Brian yet, and Duane Dog eventually went home to rest a bit. However, they seem to have uncovered new evidence.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Onto Brian Laundrie In Gabby Petito's Case

Dog The Bounty Hunter fans posted plenty of comments on Twitter. One of them wrote, “Thank you so much. That’s a really long day that he and Francie had and I am sure you as well. Getting closer. Feeling very confident your dad will have Brian laundrie soon.” Interestingly, Lyssa revealed that “technically,” her dad and Francie are “on their honeymoon.” Then another fan commented, “It would be awesome if your dad comes up with him. I know he can do it. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective and the police get too focused on one thing. I believe he can find him.”

Spinoff Special In The Works?

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball also shared the news on her Instagram. One fan wondered, “Oh this has A & E special written all over it.” Well, other fans seem keen if that happens. One of them responded by writing, “and I will be there for that special for sure!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito’s case right now. Come back here often for more Dog The Bounty Hunter spoilers, news, and updates.

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