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My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Has Whitney Gone Totally Ridiculous?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL) spoilers show that fans have thought for some time now, that the TLC show scripts the life of  Whitney Way Thore. Season 9 brings some surreal situations, what with her crush on a French Tutor who refuses to reveal his face. Now, she explores having a baby by surrogacy, my fans think it goes beyond ridiculous, into the realms of the fantasyland.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Whitney Way Thore Seems Ridiculous

While Whitney hates it when fans criticize her, there’s not a lot she can do to stop it this season. In the last season of the show, she said that she considers undergoing gastric surgery. In the wake of Chase Severino splitting from her, she felt that no man could love her because of her larger body size. Then, when fans criticized her nameless and faceless French teacher, she contradicted herself. She wrote, “I’ve had 8 serious relationships — the “public” has only seen 3 of them.” Next, she told her fans, “If you feel that you can’t be loved because of your size or for any other reason, please don’t project that onto me.”

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star definitely seems to wane in the opinion of many TLC fans. Simply put, many of them don’t believe that her French love interest even exists. Firstly, he barely has a French accent. Then, hiding his face seems like a red flag. After all, does TLC intend to follow their love story for all eternity with a nameless and faceless person? Well, now that Whitney decided she wants a baby, her approach to surrogacy seemed to many MBFFL fans to be completely wrong. Actually, some fans think her story becomes simply too ridiculous.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Whitney Pressures Friends For Surrogacy

Warning: This section of the article contains MBFFL spoilers. On Monday, September 27, TLC shared a teaser for the show on their Instagram account. Speaking with friends, she just straight up asked her friend Heather about carrying a surrogate baby. Well, the women got into a discussion and at one stage, she asked, “How is your uterus?” Well, it seems that nobody stopped to consider where they all live, and Whitney travels a lot. Additionally, she doesn’t seem to be aware of how difficult pregnancy can be. Not to mention, the fact that carrying a baby and then giving it up can be emotionally devastating. For many fans, her approach to such a life-changing event seems very casual.

One fan of My Big Fat Fabulous Life who grows weary if it said, “Perfect example of the difference in perspective motherhood brings to a person. Whitney feels offended by her friends not being able to detach from a baby like it’s an old purse. 😒” Plenty of similar comments arrived and one of them read, “Wow!!! This woman sounds so self absorbed and emotionally immature.” Fed up, another critic noted, “Whitney is the poster child for someone that needs to ‘grow up.” Actually, a lot of criticism went her way with one fan writing, “She’s definitely not ready to be a mom with this outlook. The more she talks, the less I like her.”

Is The Show Simply Ridiculous?

Angrily, one MBFFL fan commented, “There is seriously something wrong here!!” Then another really irritated fan noted, “These story lines are so boring, unrealistic, and made up. Narcissistic entitled people.”

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Has Whitney Gone Totally Ridiculous

Another comment summed it up with, “This show goes from the ridiculous it the sublime!” Mind you, “surreal” might have been a better choice of word.

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  2. Louise Sanders says

    She is a mature woman with the mentality and intelligence of a 16 year old spoilt teenager. Her parents and friends need to STOP enabling her childish behavior and tell her to GROW UP. She is not capable of caring for a child and unless she loses a considerable amount of fat she will probably not make it to her 50’s. Not fair for any child to lose an only parent at that age.

  3. Margret Dunne says

    Sad Whitney is a selfish person who does not see the support and love she is getting not only from her family but her friends! One of her friends is willing to carry a baby for 6 months and another is helping run her business while she runs off to explore LOVE. How does this girl get so much handed to her and not see it or is she to busy eating!!

    I think the show should be taken off the air and she needs to get a real job and start taking off that weight and be thankful for the great family and love she has in her selfish life!

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