Bachelorette Spoilers Reveal Clare Crawley And Dale Moss Split For Good

Bachelorette Spoilers Reveal Clare Crawley And Dale Moss Split For Good OTTBachelorette fabs seemed unhappy when Clare Crawley was cast as the lead in Season 16. After all, they’d seen her in the Bachor Nation Franchise before. Anyway, she was cast and ABC fans found out that she actually fell for Dale Moss immediately. Other Bachelorette contestants complained, and eventually, she was told to take her Dale and go away. So, they left as a happy couple, but it didn’t take long before they split. Although they made up again, it now looks like they split again, this time for good.

Bachelorette Clare Crawley And Dale Left The Show Early

From the beginning of her season, fans criticized Clare for just about everything. Not that they saw very much of her in her shortened season. Actually, they hammered at her for egging on her male contestants to play a game of strip dodgeball. At the end of the game, her potential suitors were left with nothing more than a thong. Well, that was the least of the complaints about her. When fans heard that she left with Dale, they just wanted her gone already. However, the show dragged on with her for a bit.

Anyway, Bachelorette fans felt slightly mollified when Tayshia Adams took the lead after five episodes of Clare Crawley.  Since then, ABC fans saw Katie Thurston on the show, and next comes Michelle Young. Meanwhile. Clare and Dale Moss made the headlines from time to time as it never worked out as she’d hoped. After a few months, Dale declared that they split. The news came in January this year. Meanwhile, in February, they were spotted getting cozy again. People Magazine revealed that a source said that they hoped to give each other another chance.

Bachelorette Stars Dale Moss And Clare Crawley Split Again

This week, Page Six reported that the couple split and this time with finality. Clare Crawley and Dale Moss ended it, according to their source. Apparently, it really didn’t end well. Recently, the two stars have been spotted out and about, but not together. Actually, the last time came around about the time they watched the US Open together. The Dipp got wind of the split and shared about it on Instagram. The caption read, “This was after he was seen hanging with models out and about town without Clare. Are you surprised?

Bachelorette fans certainly seemed very unsurprised, actually. One of them wrote, “I feel like every outlet has a recurring scheduled article about them splitting 😂.” Some people hoped that they would stick with their relationship. However, others simply felt a permanent split was just a matter of time.

Bachelorette Spoilers Reveal Clare Crawley And Dale Moss Split For Good

One fan commented, “😮 Me pretending to be shocked!” Then another fan noted, “This is like the 7th time 😂.” Jaded, one follower wrote, “[Not] surprised. I didn’t think they were soulmates.”

No Annoucemnts On Instagram

Neither Clare Crawley nor Dale made any official announcement. In fact, Care last posted on Instagram back on September 11. Meanwhile, Dale Moss posted up on September 27, but his post never mentioned Clare at all.

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