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New Bachelor Host Jesse Palmer Gets Underwhelming Response

Bachelor fans really hoped that Wells Adams would replace Chris Harrison as host but Jesse Palmer landed the job. Jesse who? Well, a lot of fans ask that very question. Actually, the news that ABC kicked Wells to the curb emerged via Guru Reality Steve a few days ago. With the official appointment of Jesse for Bachelor 2022 and Bachelorette, fans think that it seems like a rather random choice. In fact, many of them sound completely underwhelmed.

Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Deeply Missed By Fans

After a long stretch as host of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise, Chris Harrison left the program in July and he went very quiet. That came after a big drama when he defended Rachael Kirkconnell for perceived racial behavior. Despite his apologies, he stays away and fans miss him very much. After all, for so many of them, he simply was the show. As he never came back, fans started wondering about a replacement. The name of Wells Adams was bandied about. Actually, many fans like the way he helps out the cast in Bachelor in Paradise.

Distracted by the drama that Bachelor in Paradise stars Brendan Morais and Pieper James brought, fans briefly forgot about Chris and a new host. Well, that all came back when ABC announced on September 29, that they appointed Jesse Palmer. The outlet noted, “Palmer, who starred on the show in 2004, will helm season 26, which is set to air in early 2022.” Meanwhile, Variety reported that he also hosts the next new Bachelorette. Well, the sound of crowds cheering in the streets just never happened.

Bachelor Host Jesse Palmer Gets Underwheming Responses

Firstly, many ABC fans can’t place Jesse. Well, he featured on the Bachelor before today’s 16-year-olds were born. He played for the NFL at one stage and sometimes acts as a commentator. Sometimes, he contributes to Good Morning America and hosts shows like The Holiday Baking Championship on The Food Network. Fans seemed angry that the show’s execs overlooked Wells Adams in favor of Jesse. One fan commented on the Instagram account of The Dipp, “WE WANT WELLLLSSSS.

New Bachelor Host Jesse Palmer Gets Underwhelming Response

Meanwhile, other Bachelor fans think Jesse sounds “random” and “boring.” One fan noted, “It’s as if they were like, “what’s the most boring choice we can make that’s not Wells” and they did it.” At the same time, some fans get that ABC dropped the ball as they had an opportunity for diversity. A fan wrote, “Great, another middle age white dude. Way to go ABC, really going out on a limb.”

‘Nope’ To The Bachelorette

In the conversation, it emerged that some don’t seem to mind if Jesse Palmer hosts the show for the men. However, they don’t want him anywhere near their Bachelorette ladies. Several people claimed that they prefer the women hosting it. One of them noted, “Like maybe it would be good for the bachelor but I think the host of the bachelorette should be a former bachelorette.”

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