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90 Day: The Single Life Spoilers: Stephanie Matto Is Back and Fans React

90 Day: The Single Life spoilers reveal the show returns for Season 2 with seven cast members including Stephanie Matto, and the TLC spinoff airs on discovery+. Actually, she was the first person revealed to be in Season 2. That news came during the Sunday, October 3, episode of 90 Day: Bares All. Now she shared all about it on social media, how did fans of the TLC franchise react?

90 Day: The Single Life Spoilers: Features Stephanie Matto

Fans speculate that they might see Syngin Colchester again in the spinoff. Rumors run around that he dates a new girl named Erin. However, even that seems a bit confusing as Tania Maduro sent him a loving birthday message last week. But, Stephanie is a definite cast member. Tania might have been the most hated cast member ever, but Stephanie came in a close second. Much was made about Stephanie in Before the 90 Days. Recall, she came in as the first same-sex couple alongside Australian photographer Erika Owens.

90 Day: The Single Life which airs on the discovery+ platform upset haters of Stephanie Matto. Actually, she really did not seem into other women much at all. As she already claimed some fame as a YouTube influencer, many people believed she just did the show to rack up more followers. Additionally, she was the first of the 90 Day Fiancé stars to openly admit to using an Only Fans account for a light porn income. That seems common now, but it wasn’t when she first appeared on TLC.

90 Day: The Single Life Spoilers: Star Shares The News

Stephanie Matto took to her Instagram and shared a US Weekly article about her appearance in Season 2. @90dayfiancetoday then shared it with their followers. While Stephanie sounds very excited, many fans didn’t rock their socks off. After all, Monsters and Critics reported that she announced that she became engaged. The outlet noted, “It’s still unclear if this is the real deal or just a hoax for her new platform, which she has been advertising heavily.” Clearly, fans are skeptical of her motives for being in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise.

Fans reacted to the news about the 90 Day: The Single Life star. Naturally, some fans like her. However, a lot of them trolled her. One of them wrote, “Get a damn life. Nobody gives a sh*t about your fake *ss. You make me sick to fake your sexuality or whatever you claim to be. Move on. You got your 15 minutes of “fame”. You made yourself look like a fool now please get off of everyone’s tv!!” Ouch! Another critic wrote, “Why?! she S*CKED the first time around 🥴.”

90 Day: The Single Life Spoilers: How Did Stephanie React To Critics?

Stephanie Matto told discovery+ critics off but in a really nice way. Obviously, she knows how to deal with trolls. She said in the replies, “sending you love and hugs ❤️ even if you hate my character it’s okay and I accept that. 🙌 enjoy the show, enjoy life, and don’t take everything so personally! I promise I’m not that important!”

90 Day The Single Life Brings Back Stephanie Matto Fans React

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