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The Little Couple Spoilers: Bill Needs Surgery After Nasty Fall

The Little Couple spoilers reveal that the show last aired on TLC in 2019 so fans worry that it might be canceled. However, no confirmation either way came long. In the meantime, Dr. Jen Arnold keeps her fans updated via her Instagram. Often, she posts about the things the kids get up to. Zoey and Will still seem as popular as ever with fans. This time though, she shared that her husband, Bill goes into the hospital for surgery.

The Little Couple Spoilers: Updates From Jen Arnold

Like the cast of Little People, Big World and 7 Little Johnstons, Dr. Jen and Bill bring some nice kids to television. The shows become very popular as they help fans see that little people are the same as everyone else. Well, they often have big disadvantages as the world isn’t designed for small people. Plus, they tend to suffer from skeletal problems. Actually, Bill and Jen have been to hospitals in the past. Plus, TLC fans know that Matt Roloff spent a lot of time in hospital as a child.

The Little Couple fans heard from Jen back in June this year, and she said that Zoey is artistically inclined these days. Sharing a photo of her adopted daughter, Jen said, Art times is the best time.” In the picture, she had art supplies all around her and fans were quick to express what they thought of Zoey’s talents. Of course, fans also asked if the show comes back. Well, there isn’t an answer yet, so fans need to be patient. In the meantime, Dr. Jen also shared that Will turned 11 years old, and Zoey turned 10 already.

The Little Couple Update – Bill Klein in Surgery

A short time ago, Dr. Jen told her fans that soon she takes her first flight since the coronavirus started. At the time, she told her fans that both Bill and herself need medical checkups. Now, it turns out that they flew to New York. It related to a post that Bill shared after he had an accident. Running away from some wasps, he fell and damaged his elbow. So, on Tuesday, October 5, Jen said that Bill prepares for surgery to fix the problem.

The Little Couple Update Bill Klein Goes To Hospital For Surgery

Screen Legion reported that The Little Couple dad might have “bone fragments” in his joint that need to be removed. Ouch! That sounds rather painful. Actually, pre-surgical Bill didn’t look all that happy about the idea. Hopefully, it’s all worth it in the end though. He’s scheduled for surgery on October 6. Probably, fans can expect some updates on his progress afterward. Meanwhile, Zoey and Will stay back in Florida with their grandparents.

Fans Comment

In the comments, many fans pray for Bill. One of them said, “Praying for you Bill that surgery goes well 🙏🏼.” Then another fan wrote, “So sorry to hear about Bill’s fall. Praying for successful surgery and quick recovery.”

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