Below Deck Mediterranean: Captain Sandy Explains Why She ‘Would Never Tolerate’ Lexi’s Behavior

After the difficult time, the crew had with Lexi following her tumultuous stint on the boat Captain Sandy Yawn explained that it wasn’t as simple as firing her after her first spat with crew members.

Not immune to Lexi’s effects the 56-year-old Below Deck Mediterranean star went on to explain the effect watching her throughout season 6 had on her.

Below Deck Mediterranean: ‘Of Course, I Wanted to Let Her Go’

“Of course, I wanted to let her go. Are you kidding me? I never would have hired her! You know, cause[sic] I don’t hire the crew. Everybody knows that”

When asked if she regretted not firing her sooner, after watching everything back, the captain responded saying, “It’s a TV show, right? It’s a pandemic.

So, it’s very different … Yes. If I felt like safely, I could let them go [I would].

But we are making a show, so I’m also mindful of that.”

She also explained that she knew she was a part of a show and that, because of that, she wouldn’t make split decisions.

She would “defer to people that are spending all this money to create this.”

Below Deck Mediterranean: Lexi Claimed She Had No Memory of the Fight

Fans will remember that, since the crew’s first night out, Lexi was bent against everyone.

After a fight with fellow crew member, Malia White, Lexi, 28, shoved another crew member, Mzi Dempers, 26.

Of course, the next day Lexi claimed that she had no memory of the previous night’s dispute and thus, as nothing got resolved, tensions continued to mount between her and the other crew.

Below Deck Mediterranean: Captain Sandy Explains Why She ‘Would Never Tolerate’ Lexi’s Behavior


Below Deck Mediterranean: The Many Outweigh the One

The next person to draw Lexi’s ire was Chef Mathew Shea, 28 when she fought with him at dinner

The chef had told Lexi that no one on the boat liked her and former Below Deck Mediterranean stew clapped back that his parents “should’ve aborted” him.

After this night, the bulk of the crew claimed that Lexi took things too far and Captain Sandy was forced to tell Lexi to disembark.

During this specific September 20 episode, the captain explained to Lexi, “From what I’ve seen, you’re a terrific human being.

Now I don’t go out and drink with you. And I don’t go out and have these experiences.

Threatening people, saying the things that you say” adding that, “considering how it has permeated through the entire boat and some people just can’t get around it, the many outweigh the one.”

Fans can catch new episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean Mondays at 8 PM Central on Bravo.

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