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Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Reportedly Sells Her House

When Sister Wives (SW) star Christine Brown listed her home for sale in August for $725K, it sparked more rumors that she might relocate to Utah. Recall, she seemed very unhappy with Kody in the last season. In fact, she cried and told Meri that she couldn’t do marriage with him anymore. Since then, her daughter Ysabel moved to North Carolina, and Truely’s the only child left at home. Now that the home is reportedly sold, will she make much profit off it?

Sister Wives Star Kody Signed Over The House To Christine Brown

In November last year, TLC fans heard that Kody Brown signed over the title deed for her Flagstaff home. So that means that Christine is the sole owner of the home. At the time, that really made fans wonder if she and Kody might have split. Certainly, the possibility arose that things started going south for Kody and Christine. Meanwhile, other critics thought that by putting the house in Christine’s name, he could be moving his tax burdens off of himself and onto Christine.

Sister Wives fans started wondering if Christine Brown had already left Flagstaff and moved to Utah in about April of this year. Recall, she told Kody that she wanted a move back to Utah. However, he really seemed uninterested. Actually, he reminded her that none of the otehr wives went for the idea in the past. Then when she listed her home a few months later, SW fans assumed she relocates. Bear in mind, her daughter Mykelti lives in Utah and produced Christine’s grandchild. Plus, her mom’s there, as is Aspyn.

Sister Wives Star Sells Her Flagstaff Home – Is there money In it For Her?

Monsters and Critics reported that inexplicably, Christine Brown seemed to withdraw the listing, despite an interested buyer. The outlet noted on October 9, “The property was taken off the market on October 4, despite a pending sale in September for $700,000, which was $25,000 less than the list price.” Well, news shared by Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball revealed that the home changed hands for $700K on October 8, 2021, after she reduced the price by $25K.

Sister Wives Spoilers Christine Brown Reportedly Sells Her House

Sister Wives fans took to the comments and discussed the news. Some of them presumed that Kody would take at least 50% of the money. However, others reminded them that she owns the title deeds now. So, more TLC fans encouraged her to take her $700K and run back to Utah right now. Well, presumably, that $750K won’t’ be all of hers to take. Bear in mind, she took out a mortgage on it. The Sun reminds fans that she took out a mortgage on her new home for $390K. In the short time she owned it, she really might not have made much of a dent on her loan.

Isabel Needed Expensive Surgery

In the last season of the show, fans saw that Isabel needed back surgery. However back in June last year, Christine Brown was raising funding. Apparently, Kody didn’t have decent health insurance. So, via LuLaRoe, she tried to raise $50K. Surgery doesn’t come heap, so possibly she still owes money for that. Whether she stays in Flagstaff or moves, it hardly seems like she will wallow in mountains of cash.

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  2. Toni says

    Love, love, love Christine. You go girl. Anyone who puts up with that selfish,self centers jackass husband of the SW’s deserves a medal. Take care of yourself Christine. And BTW you look great!
    You and Mari are two strong ladies.

  3. […] hints of spoilers. A lot of chatter revolves around the fact that she listed her home. In fact, she recently found a buyer for it. Meanwhile, teasers for the show indicate that she seemed determined to move to Utah. Recall, last […]

  4. shirley white says

    I agree with you ,Toni!!!! Kody is a jerk deluxe ! Christine needs to find someone to take care of her needs and move on. If he can have 4 wifes, you can have a boyfriend or two. Christine, you do look fantastic. I think its cause you are finished with Kody. He is a downer.

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