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19 Kids and Counting: The Radfords are England’s Answer to The Duggars

Ever since the Duggar family franchise came to an end with the cancelation of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, on September 22, 2020, fans have missed them and have even continued following along with the family’s Instagram accounts.

Fans of the Duggars may be happy soon as we’ve discovered that England has a family that’s bigger than the Duggars.
The family doesn’t have their own US reality TV series but that doesn’t stop them from receiving plenty of attention.

19 Kids and Counting: Whose Family is Bigger?

Michelle and Bob Duggar had a whopping 20 kids and that’s a big number.

The eldest brother, Josh Duggar is 33 while the couple’s youngest child, 19 Kids and Counting alum Josie Duggar, is 11.

Even with such a large number of children, the Duggars cannot compare to the Radfords.

Their oldest kid is 32, their youngest is a wee one-year-old, and in between those are 20 more children.

This makes the Radfords the largest family in the UK, reports ITV

19 Kids and Counting: Sue and Noel Have Six Grandchildren

Sue gave birth to her and patriarch Noel Radford’s first child Christopher when she was just 14 years of age, and 21 more followed including one child, Alfie, that was stillborn in 2014.

The couple now has six grandchildren.

Like 19 Kids and Counting’s the Duggars, the Radfords also have a reality TV show that is based in the UK.

The very large family has been the source of more than one series and special with the most recent series, 22 Kids and Counting, released in the Uk in 2021.

19 Kids and Counting: The Radfords Spent $1.3 million Raising Children

Though full episodes are not available in the UK, 19 Kids and Counting fans can catch clips of the show on YouTube.

In one such clip the couple reveals that it’s cost £1 million, that’s 1.3 million dollars, to raise their 22 children – and that’s just so far.

19 Kids and Counting: The Radfords are England’s Answer to The Duggars

According to the clip Sue has been pregnant for 16.5 years of her life.

Both the Duggars and the Radfords are very big families, but the families are decidedly different in how they operate.

19 Kids and Counting: The Radfords Are Liberal and Not Openly Religious

Though Michelle and Bob homeschooled their children, Sue and Noel Radford sent theirs to school.

Also, several of the Radford’s children have gone on to attend college while the Duggar children don’t normally attend college.

The Radfords have been liberal in bringing their children up and have not imposed the same strict rules on them that the 19 Kids and Counting parents did.

There are no dress codes or chaperone requirements and, while the Duggars are frugal and bleak at birthday parties, the Radfords say they spend at least £100 for gifts for each of their children.


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