7 Little Johnstons Stars Trent And Amber Do A New First For Them

7 Little Johnstons fans saw in Season 8, that Trent and Amber Johnston spent a lot of time trying to spice up their intimate life. They met as young people and became good friends before their marriage in November 1998. Married nearly 23 years, one might think they did everything they possibly could together. However, it now turns out that one thing they didn’t do just by themselves became a first-time reality in 2021.

7 Little Johnstons Fans See A Large Part Of Trent And Amber’s Life

The long-running show revealed Trent and Amber on camera with their kids for years. Then, on social media, fans saw many photos of them. Sometimes, like on their trip to Florida, photos are filled with people. Friends, kid’s girlfriends, boyfriends, and more come along. Often, on the show, fans only really see Trent and Amber alone together in their confessionals. Even their spicing up their marriage activities never remained private as fans saw it all play out on television.

Fans might think they know everything there is to know about the 7 Little Johnstons’ parents. In fact, more comes along soon, as Season 10 premieres next month. Actually, it reveals a new thing that fans didn’t suspect would happen. In fact in an extended teaser, Trent and Amber revealed that they think about adopting another child. Actually, a young teen was seen speaking with the other kids on FaceTime. So, it looks like fans don’t know everything after all.

7 Little Johnstons Do Something New For The First Time

Taking to her @team7lj account on Instagram this week, Amber shared a photo of Trent lifting up his wife and kissing her. It looked really nice fans thought, as it seemed like a lovely natural setting. In the caption, Amber explained, “So, something we’ve never had is professional engagement (wasn’t a thing back then), wedding, anniversary, or just a plain ‘ol husband & wife photo session.” Next, she tagged the photographer, @sandydilbeckagpphotog  for the awesome photo.

7 Little Johnstons Stars Trent And Amber Do A New First For Them

It seems incredible that after all their time in front of the camera on 7 Little Johnstons, that Trent and Amber never had a pro-photographer take special photos of them alone. Actually, plenty of TLC stars never miss an opportunity for them. From birthdays to anniversaries, and even seasonal-themed photos, they churn them out. In the comments, fans seemed very happy about this special event. That seemed nice as well, as Amber also said to the photographer that she “fulfilled [her] dream…[A] T & A photo sesh😍.”

TLC Fans Comment On The New First

Taking to the comments, a lot of fans spoke out their thoughts about the photo. One of them wrote, “Omg…you guys are amazing!” Another one noted, “Great photo! Fun to have pics like these! Just wondering if your kids are being “grossed out”! Mine would be! They think “old people” shouldn’t have moments like these!

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