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90 Day The Single Life: Which Other Cast Member Would Syngin Date?

90 Day: The Single Life premieres on discovery+ on November 12 with a two-hour special. This year, fans see that Syngin Colchester and Tania split and they join the new cast. TLC fans think that he already dates a new woman, but that could be drama for the upcoming show. It turns out that he rather likes an existing cast member on the show. Who might that person be?

90 Day: The Single Life Syngin Colchester – Looking For Love After Split

Fans started wondering if Syngin and Tania split back in September this year. Fans suspected that she dated a woman named Erin. Actually, she posted up photos of them together. He’d been in Arizona with her. At the time, fans heard rumors he might appear in Single Life, so some folks thought he just trolled them. Well, that rumor seems it fade away now. Tania, who confirmed they split up, also shared similar photos, so fans thought Erin might just be a mutual friend.

Since rumors first started, the  90 Day: The Single cast was revealed. They include Life Syngin Colchester, Tania Maduro, (rumored), and Big Ed. Other names are Mother Debbie, Stephanie Matto, Jesse Meester, and Jennifer Tarazona. Rounding off the cast, fans will also see Natalie Mordovtseva. As fans know, Syngin goes for women, and they can rule out him hoping to date Tania again. So, that leaves Stephanie, Jennifer, Natalie, and Mother Debbie as possible choices that he has the hots for.

Syngin Already Has The Hots For A 90 Day: The Single Life Star

Syngin Colchester took to his Instagram Stories this week and did a Q&A with fans. Monsters and Critics noticed that in the discussion, he revealed that he rather likes one of the other cast members who appear in Season 2. Naturally, that interests 90 Day Fiance fans. Well, fans can do some speculation on who it might be. Firstly, he seems to like Mother Debbie. However, what are the chances that he’d hop into bed with her? That seems rather unlikely. Then, Stephanie Matto also seems unlikely. Bear in mind, she seems open to a relationship with another female.  So, that narrows it down to Jennifer and Natalie.

90 Day The Single Life Other Cast Member Syngin Date

90 Day: The Single Life – Syngin and Natalie – or, Jennifer? Well, fans know that Natalie and Mike Youngquist endured a fiery relationship. She told fans that she intends to remain in the USA after their split. So, she looks for new love. Will Sygin find it with her? Well, much like Syngin a few years ago, she seemingly has few prospects. As far as fans know, she seems unemployed. Mind you, she pushes her acting abilities a lot, so that might change. Rumors also arose that Natalie hangs with a new man in Florida these days. Should we rule her out for Syngin?

Jennifer Tarazona Remains

Through elimination, fans can assume that perhaps Syngin Colchester really likes Jennifer Tarazona a lot. Is she the one he’d date if he could? Well, it seems that he might not actually like her for a romance. Monsters and Critics noticed something: “In a cast reveal on the 90 Day Fiance Instagram account,” Syngin showed a lot of interest in “Natalie.”He said in the comments, “🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ooo dam.

What are your thoughts about Natalie being a possible cast member that Syngin has the hots for? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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