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Sister Wives Fans Question Why Christine Brown Returns To The Show

Sister Wives fans love Christine Brown because she was the first wife to leave Kody Brown. This week, she assured TLC fans that she isn’t leaving the show. It’s not that people don’t want to see more of her. It’s just that folks can’t understand why she opted to stick with it. After all, the show’s about polygamy and not about divorced ex-polygamists.

Sister Wives Fans Hoped For Another Spinoff For Christine Brown

Christine got two seasons dedicated to her leaving, and now that she’s gone off to make a new life, fans cheer her on. However, they hoped for a spinoff with Janelle, the second wife who left. Some of them also hope for Meri to join them as she was booted out of the family by Kody. In fact, when Christine got her own cooking show, “Cooking With Just Christine,” a lot of people tuned in. But they want to see a separate show with the ex-wives. Actually, most people on social media complain that they are done with Robyn and Kody.

Sister Wives fans suspected that things went wrong between Kody and Christine Brown after she listed her home for sale. Additionally, they heard that he signed over the title deed for her Flagstaff home about two years ago. Ahead of season 16, they both announced their split on social media. And that giant spoiler didn’t ruin the rankings. In fact, in Season 17, ratings shot up. With Janelle leaving Kody as well, fans assumed that TLC would continue the show with just Kody, possibly looking for more wives.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Will Film In Her Basement

When Kody’s ex-third wife shared about filming for Season 18, she popped up a video on social media. In it, she revealed the setup where she will film her confessionals. Thrilled with it, she really likes the books on the shelves. Anyway, it seems that a lot of people have been asking if she left the show. Well, she said, “I am definitely not leaving.” So, some fans question why she opted in. Bear in mind, they just watched a very toxic season and breaking away from that completely, makes more sense to them.

Sister Wives Fans Question Why Christine Brown Returns To The Show
Christine Brown Via John Yates / Instagram

When Blogger, John Yates saw the video by the Sister Wives star, he shared it. In his caption on Instagram, he said, Happy to hear that Christine will still be on the show – I can’t wait to watch #SisterWives without Sister Wives.” Hmmm. It certainly seems that the idea of the exes continuing to film might clash with the original premise. Bear in mind, the show was meant to prove that polygamy was a good thing. But it failed dismally. 

Why Is She Returning?

Sister Wives fans asked some valid questions in the comments. One of them wrote, “Honestly don’t know why she’s still on the show. She was so happy to leave and break free and now she wants to remain on the show?? Time to get a life and go do something else.”

A reply noted: “I agree with you. If you leave, LEAVE! But clearly, she wants that TLC $$$ 🙄.”

However,  it might be more than just chasing after dollars. As one sensible commenter noted, “there’s a little thing called, contracts! You can’t just break a contract so I’m sure she’s tied to another season or two before she can wrap it up.”

Actually, that makes a lot of sense. And if there is a spinoff with Janelle, it might be better to wait and watch a quality show rather than a hastily cobbled storyline. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. ER says

    I think the lure of tv keeps them in. Christine seemed to plotting all year for this needing of hers, it wasnt hard to predict. If the family contributed to her getting the house, she should repay the down payment and it kinda seemed Janelle was mimicking her by urgently getting ‘her’ house built.. To sell? Meri got herself in a pickle, when there isn’t enough affection or attention, it will happen. My ? was always, when she divorced Kody for Robyn’s kids sake, why didn’t Kody have a wedding commitment to her afterward? they were not married anymore, so that could have made a difference for them? and they should have stuck to ONE HOME, He can’t possibly keep wandering house to house all over town! a central bdlg., with wings for each. In the weakening status over Covid, Kodys panic starting showing ego, control and not being closer to wives, kids, made each feel unwanted. I don’t think that was true, but it happened to many many families. Kody was fearful, as all of us were, and trying to keep his family safe. Only Robyn was willing to listen, and it didn’t seem it was wife choosing him or kids, it was IF the kids respected the whole family,they would take greater care so they could be together! They were darn lucky no one ended up dead from it. ignoring it and taking it so lightly is where tragedy happened, to so many. I can see producers with dollar signs saying lets do a show with the three others, which seems to encourage them to end this relationship they had their whole lives. Don’t trust in that. And its made Kody & Robyn look awful. do thy really think that? All I can say, is Kody, you cant fight for them if they planned this. Let them go and fight for your kids. Let Robyn have more freedom and move forward with your future. I dont want to watch and see them falter, I want to see them restore and change their plan if they have too. I liked Christine until I watched her attitude so in control, so plotting. And Janelle made her cuts when she backed her up, not befriended her which helped Christines plans…but unfriended K&R in the process. Janelle is very capable no matter. Kody wasn’t fair to her. Or Meri. Its up to them.

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