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90 Day Fiance Fans Make Predictions For Liz And Big Ed Brown

90 Day Fiance fans know that Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods broke up often. In fact, by the time they made it to Happily Ever After? In season 7, they’d split many times. Actually, at one stage, she complained that every time they fought, he made her leave the house.  This week, TLC fans made their predictions about whether the couple will split permanently or not.

90 Day Fiance Stars Big Ed Brown And Liz Split Often

TLC fans who don’t like Ed Brown were quite happy to hear that the couple split. However, when his pooch Teddy passed away, she reach out to him. Of course, that made people groan because they think that Ed treats her badly.  Anyway, they rekindled their romance but they seem to spend a lot of time arguing. Furthermore, he seems to be quite toxic and way too direct when he talks to his female partners. And that’s not a new thing. Recall, he was like that with Rose Vega.

90 Day Fiance fans know that Ed Brown is capable of kindness. For example, he helped out with parcels for the elderly in San Diego. However, he most often presents a prickly sort of personality. Actually, other TLC cast members often call him out for it during the Tell-Alls. What puzzles fans of the show, is why Liz, who doesn’t seem unintelligent, takes his often toxic behavior. In fact, some fans can’t believe she really loves him and think that she dates him for five minutes of fame. Remember when Ed accused Rose Vega of being bisexual? Well, he accused Liz of the same thing.

90 Day Fiance Fna Predictions For Liz And Ed

By the end of Happily Ever After?, the couple was separated again. However, judging by her Instagram posts, they seem to have resolved their differences for the millionth time. Actually, she’s proud to wear his engagement ring. Mind you, fans can imagine why. When @90dayfiancenow shared some photos of them this week, they asked, “Liz and Big Ed! What are your predictions for the couple? 💭” Are folks predicting a long and happy future? Read on to find out.

90 Day Fiance Fans Make Predictions For Liz and Big Ed
90dayfiancenow / Instagram

Most 90 Day Fiance fans seem to agree that there’s not likely to be a long and happy relationship for them. Here’s a small sample of their thoughts:

If Liz is smart enough she will dump him! He’s draining her youth and energy! RUN LIZ

I think is a act also…She doesn’t need to put up with that type of abuse.

They’ll keep breaking and getting back together until one of them really realizes how toxic the relationship is.

Liz will never leave him.

Hopefully she will be done with him. I mean what does she see in the guy? She use to be a really cute gal till Ed wore all the beauty out of her. He should never ever be in a relationship with anyone.”

Just Acting For The Show?

More than just a few 90 Day Fiance viewers think that there really isn’t any love between the two people. Lots of viewers simply can’t understand how it couldn’t be just an act. After all, Ed Brown seems to have very little in his personality that seems attractive. What do you think? Will they break up and get back together just in time for another spinoff? Or, do think she really loves her man? Let us know in the comments below.

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