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Sister Wives Star Mykelti Padron Claims TLC Made Covid Rules

Sister Wives fans saw covid play out on the TLC show for a long time. Actually, so much of it came along that some people grew thoroughly sick of it. Most people blamed Kody Brown for all the restrictions he imposed on the family. Meanwhile, others claimed that Robyn dreamed them up. However, according to Christine Brown’s daughter, Mykelti Padron, it was TLC.

Sister Wives Star Mykelti Padron Started Speaking Out

Tony and Mykelti Padron didn’t really appear as regulars on the show after they married. Admittedly, she filmed her birth, but Tony stayed in the background. Apparently, that’s because he held a job in banking. But, he works from home these days, and they both appeared in Season 17. Lately, she became more open about her life. And, both of them started spilling the tea. Recently, they talked about Meri Brown and her catfish, alleging that “Mariah,” a.k.a Leon overheard her discussing intimacy on the phone.

Sister Wives fans might have forgotten that when covid first arrived, everyone had seen terrible videos from China. In fact, a wave of fear swept across the world. Notably, Meri Brown had to close her BNB, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn to the general public. Many TV shows went on hiatus, and some of them never returned. Thinking back now, it seems obvious that TLC would have made some changes to the way they operated. After all, considered highly contagious, the virus could be fatal. So, according to Mykleti, all those rules and restrictions Kody wanted were actually from the network.

Sister Wives Covid Rules Seemed Over The Top

For some time, Kody Brown seemed to disregard illness and medical issues. Just look to Christine’s daughter, Ysabel for confirmation of that. Additionally, rumors ran around that Kody don’t get his vaccination. So, why the over-the-top restrictions that divided the family? And, why did people like Gabe and Garrison hate the rules so much? Katie Joy, who shared a clip of Mykelti and Tony Padron suggested that “those that may have protested just had no interest in the show.”

Mykelti Via Without A Crystal Bal / Instagram

Sister Wives fans know that Kody depends on the show for the majority of his income. Although he holds down a job as a gun salesperson, it possibly isn’t enough money. If the family kicked back against the rules, might that have potentially endangered the show? Could that have caused him enough concern to become so aggressive? Well, Katie’s followers discussed it in the comments on Instagram.

TLC Fans Discuss The Clip

One skeptical fan of  Sister Wives commented, “They filmed themselves – what crew was there during the height of covid?!?”

Another viewer opined, “I don’t doubt that Kody told them that, but it doesn’t make sense. First off, they were recording themselves for a long time. Second, if it is really TLC, then Christine and Janelle would not have been able to travel. Kody is afraid the TLC gravy train is going to be closed.”

What are your thoughts about Mykelti Padron claiming that TLC made up all the covid rules? Let us know in the comments below.

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