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Unpolished Update: Bria Mancuso Celebrates BellaMia’s Six Month Birthday

Unpolished on TLC brought a lot of drama and conflict between Lexi and Bria Martone, who married Matt Mancuso. Anyway, Bria married and became Mrs. Mancuso. He already had two boys from a previous relationship but she wanted her own child. Then In July of 2022, they welcomed a baby girl together, and baby BellaMia just reached six months old. So, the family celebrated her special day.

Unpolished: Bria Mancuso & Matt Wanted A Honeymoon Baby

TLC fans saw that Bria became angry and irritable when her wedding plans changed. Recall, the coronavirus saw a lot of people sending in cancellations. Naturally, they feared the virus, so who could blame them? Anyway, Jen, the mom of Lexi and Bria tried to get her to accept the new normal of the time. Furious, she argued with Matt and decided she’d not be talking about the wedding again. Done with it, all, fans thought she was being a bit selfish. Mind you, there was always a lot of drama with the Martone girls.

Unpolished fans noticed that in January 2021, Bria had changed her social media profile name to Mrs. Mancuso. Clearly happy, her photos were all about Matt. So, it seemed that Lexi’s dire predictions that things wouldn’t work with Matt hadn’t come to pass.  Later, fans saw Matt and Bria discussing ovulation and getting pregnant on their honeymoon. If you watched the episode in Season 2, you’ll know that Dr. Chau Lee literally stole the show and she thoroughly confused Matt. Anyway, in January 2022, the news arrived that she had conceived with the use of IVF. BellaMia was on her way!

Unpolished: A Party For BellaMia At Six Months Old

Bria Mancuso announced the arrival of BellaMia in July 2022. On her Instagram, she said, “She’s here!!! Born at 5:55.” Six months later, she shared about a birthday celebration when her daughter turned six months old. On January 15, 2022, she showed a photo of Matt’s twin boys, Logan and Ronin who probably enjoyed the “unicorn party” more than baby BellaMia. In her caption, Bria said, “We had a MAGICAL TIME!! ✨🦄 Unicorn party for our Babygirls 6 month!!! ✨🦄💕🎀 HOW TIME FLIES!! 💕💕💕💕 we love you so much babygirl!”

Unpolished Update Bria Mancuso Celebrates BellaMia's Six Month Birthday
BriaTheDiva27 / Instagram

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the Unpolished girls, Lexi and Bria love to be a bit over-the-top. Actually, their hair and nails are all about stunning and a bit out there. So, one follower who saw the big bash for a little girl wrote, “I can only imagine the 1 st birthday will look like a quinceañera. 👸🏽” If you don’t know, a quinceañera is a big celebration in places like Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other Hispanic countries. Officially, it recognizes a woman’s transition to adulthood.

TLC Fans Comment

Unpolished fans think that BellaMia is very sweet, and they also like that no matter what people say, if Bria wants to do something, she does it. So a follower wrote, “You are so funny. Not caring what anyone has to say. You enjoy your baby girl however you want to celebrate her!!!!”

Another fan commented, “Oh how I’d love to see what her 1st birthday is going to be like. ❤️ Happy 6th month birthday sweet baby girl. It’s been a magical 🦄 6 months watching you grow. 🥰.”

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